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#Product Design #UI Motion #Prototyping #Experience Design #Native App #Design Systems #Lottie​ #React #3D

About me

Hi! I'm Volkan, I design apps, create motions, play video games, and love ❤️ music. Simple it is, right?

I design customer and business digital products. IOS, Android, Hybrid, Web, and Web Responsive.

I'm a technical-heavy designer which makes me an expert in designing customizable, multi-purpose, modular, flexible, and easy-to-maintain design systems. 

Okay, that one is easy. Life is super boring without motion. I'm not an expert but I love creating motion graphics, animations, and hyper-realistic prototypes. 

I see the design is all about the solution not only aesthetics. I organize user interviews, I use analytics tools to observe the data and I create surveys to get feedback.