I'm Volkan,
I design apps, create motions, play video games, and I love music ❤️. Simple it is, right?

--Maybe there is a little bit more about that.

I always imagined myself as a developer in my childhood. I'm still unsure how I ended up a designer but here I am. This is my journey, there are no correct or wrong answers on this path.
This is all about how -I feel.

I see the design as a fantastic way of communication, and one of the most remarkable things to express ourselves. Maybe just that fact tricked my mind and I started to shift.

And to be honest, I'm super happy about that.

I love exploring the new areas of design and technology.​😍

AR Concept

Made with Figma, After Effects


--for humans💔🤖

Everything started with an obsession to change the style of the old Windows XP when I was a kid. Yep, this is how old I am.
Have a look at some of my works. Not special just random stuff.


Made with Blender, Figma, After Effects

Self Onboarding

Made with Principle, After Effects, Figma, Blender.

Instant Salary

Made with Principle, After Effects, Figma. **All the animations are compatible with Lottie.

Wearable Payment

Made with Photoshop, Flinto, Sketch

Wallet Stories

Made with Flinto, Sketch

Lock / Unlock Card

Made with Principle, After Effects, Figma.
** All the animations are compatible with Lottie.



Understanding the market requirement is the key to any successful product.

I organize market research surveys and define user personas.

have a system

Having a flexible design system can easily reduce your design process and increase the consistency of your product.I build multi-purpose designs system for Android, IOS, Web, and Hybrid products.

- Like all good things, design systems come with a price but that is another conversation._


Products need to be shaped by the users otherwise they won't fit the market or it will be painful to increase engagement.

One of the easiest ways to test any idea, designing high-fidelity prototypes. I build realistic prototypes and organize user test sessions.


There is no such thing as perfect. Any product needs to evolve with us because everything changes.

I use analytic tools to watch the user's data, and organize interview sessions with the users to define the pain points.

Life is boring without motion.

Check out some of my motion graphics works.

2020 was an awful year for all of us, but we manage to keep our hopes.
We were selected as one of the top 5 solutions in the 2020 Covid hackathon organized by MBRU.

'Hope', social distancing concept app.

10+ years experience on digital product design.
Shipped and delivered more than 20 live products.


All good things must come to an end.

Please note, that all works and images on this site, was created by me.
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